Jaal · 10/04/2023

Allover sketch design


Here are the steps to draw an allover Jaal sketch:

  1. Draw a grid of intersecting lines across your paper. The lines should be evenly spaced and create small squares.
  2. Starting at one corner of your paper, draw a small diamond shape within one of the squares. The diamond should be oriented diagonally within the square.
  3. Draw another diamond shape within the same square, but oriented in the opposite direction. The tips of the two diamonds should touch in the center.
  4. Repeat this process, drawing a series of alternating diamonds within the same square.
  5. Move to the next square in the grid and repeat the process, drawing a new series of alternating diamonds within the square.
  6. Continue this pattern, moving from square to square and filling each one with a series of diamonds.
  7. Once you have filled all of the squares in the grid, connect the diamonds with small lines, creating a net-like pattern.
  8. Add small circles or dots within the diamonds to create additional interest.
  9. Draw additional lines and shapes within the spaces between the diamonds to create a more complex pattern.
  10. Finally, add some shading or coloring to your sketch to give it depth and dimension.
Allover sketch design
Allover sketch design