Butta / Mango (Pagli) Butta · 25/03/2023

Beautiful mango banarasi sketch art

Here are some general steps to draw a beautiful mango Banarasi sketch:

  1. Gather reference materials: Find pictures of mangoes and Banarsi patterns to use as reference.
  2. Sketch the outline: Draw a rough outline of the mango shape. Make it slightly oval and draw a small curved line at the top to indicate the stem.
  3. Add details: Start adding details to the mango by sketching in the texture of the skin. Draw thin lines in a curved pattern to mimic the natural lines found on a mango.
  4. Draw the Banarsi pattern: Now it’s time to draw the Banarsi pattern on the mango. Start by drawing a small section of the pattern, then repeat it all over the mango. The pattern should be symmetrical and intricate, so take your time to get it right.
  5. Shade the mango: Shade the mango to give it some depth and make it look more realistic. Use a light touch to create subtle shading, building up the darker areas gradually.
  6. Final touches: Once you’re happy with the sketch, add some final touches to make it really pop. You can add highlights to the mango, for example, by using a white pencil or eraser to create areas of light.
  7. Color it (optional): If you want to add color to your sketch, use colored pencils or watercolor to add a touch of realism to the fruit and the Banarsi pattern.
Beautiful mango banarasi sketch art
Beautiful mango banarasi sketch art