Daaman(Big Border) · 31/03/2023

Sober banrasi daaman sketch design

Sure, here are the steps to draw a Sober Banarasi Daaman sketch:

  1. Start by drawing a long, vertical rectangle for the saree’s body.
  2. Add details to the saree’s border by drawing thin, straight lines along the edges of the saree’s body.
  3. Draw the basic outline of the daaman. The daaman is the portion of the saree that falls below the pallu. It typically features a more elaborate design than the rest of the saree.
  4. Add details to the daaman by drawing a series of intricate designs along the bottom edge of the saree. These designs can be floral, paisley, or geometric in shape, depending on the type of Banarasi saree you are drawing.
  5. Draw additional details around the designs to create a sense of texture and depth. For example, you can draw small dots or lines to fill in the space around the designs.
  6. Add shading to the designs to create a three-dimensional look. Use a darker shade of your pencil or marker to add depth and dimension to the sketch.
  7. Finally, add any other details you like, such as folds in the saree or a background to the sketch.
Sober banrasi daaman sketch design
Sober banrasi daaman sketch design