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Sobar banarasi butta sketch design

Sure, here are the steps to draw a Sobar Banarasi Butta sketch:

  1. Start by drawing the basic outline of the butta, which is usually circular in shape. Draw a small circle in the middle and add six or eight petals around it, depending on the design you want to create.
  2. Inside the small circle, draw a small dot in the middle to create the center of the butta.
  3. Around the center, draw small curved lines that radiate outwards to create the petals. Make sure the lines are evenly spaced and have a consistent size.
  4. Draw a larger circle around the petals, leaving a small gap between them. This will be the outer edge of the butta.
  5. Inside the gap between the petals and the outer circle, draw small, curved lines that connect to the center of the butta. These lines should be shorter than the petals and should curve slightly towards the center.
  6. Add a second layer of petals around the first layer by drawing more curved lines that start from the base of the first layer and curve upwards.
  7. Finally, add shading to the butta to give it depth and dimension. Shade the outer edges of the petals to create a shadow effect, and darken the center of the butta to make it stand out.
  8. You can also add intricate details and patterns to the butta, such as small dots or lines, to make it more visually interesting.
Sobar banarasi butta sketch design
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