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Banarasi sobar design sketch

To draw a Banarasi Sari sketch, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by drawing a basic outline of the saree’s drape. Draw a long, vertical line for the saree’s edge, and then draw a horizontal line for the saree’s border.
  2. Next, draw the pleats of the saree by sketching a series of diagonal lines running across the saree’s width.
  3. Sketch the pallu of the saree by drawing a long, flowing curve extending from the saree’s edge to the top of the pleats.
  4. Add details to the saree’s border by drawing intricate designs, such as paisley or floral motifs.
  5. Draw the blouse by sketching a basic outline of a fitted top that extends down to the waistline of the saree.
  6. Add embellishments to the blouse, such as beading or embroidery, and add details such as sleeves and a neckline.
  7. Add additional details to the saree, such as a contrasting color or a pattern in the pallu.
  8. Finally, shade the sketch to give it depth and dimension. Add highlights to the border and pallu, and use shading to create folds and texture in the saree’s fabric.
Banarasi sobar design sketch
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