Square Butta / Geometry Butta · 17/03/2023

Geometric square butta design sketch


To draw a geometric square butta sketch, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by drawing a square shape using a ruler or a straight edge. The size of the square will depend on how large you want your sketch to be.
  2. Divide the square into smaller squares or rectangles using a ruler. You can do this by drawing horizontal and vertical lines across the square.
  3. Choose one of the smaller squares or rectangles to be the center of your butta, and draw a smaller square or rectangle within it.
  4. Draw a second smaller square or rectangle adjacent to the first one, and then draw another one on the opposite side of the center square.
  5. Repeat this process to create a symmetrical pattern of squares or rectangles around the center square.
  6. Add details to the squares or rectangles, such as lines, dots, or geometric shapes, to create a more intricate design.
  7. Once you have completed one butta, repeat the process to create additional buttas around the square, making sure to vary the design and size of each butta.
  8. Once you have drawn all of the buttas, you can add shading and texture to bring your sketch to life.
Geometric square butta sketch
Geometric square butta sketch