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3d butta design art

Here are some steps to draw a 3D butta design art:

  1. Start by drawing a simple butta design. The design can be any shape or pattern you like, but make sure it is not too complicated.
  2. Draw a light line along the bottom edge of the butta. This will be the ground line.
  3. Draw a series of lines radiating out from the center of the butta, like the spokes of a wheel. The lines should be evenly spaced and angled slightly upward.
  4. Draw curved lines connecting the ends of the spokes to create a series of triangles around the butta. These triangles will form the sides of the 3D shape.
  5. Draw a series of lines parallel to the ground line inside each triangle. These lines will be the edges of the 3D shape.
  6. Draw diagonal lines connecting the corners of the triangles to create a three-dimensional shape. The shape should be like a pyramid or cone.
  7. Add shading to your design to make it look more three-dimensional. Shade the sides of the butta and the sides of the triangles with light and dark tones to give the impression of depth.
  8. Draw shadows on the ground to show how the 3D butta is casting a shadow. Shade the shadows with a dark tone to make them look realistic.
  9. Add highlights to the design to make it look shiny and reflective. Draw small white lines or dots on the edges of the butta and the triangles to create the illusion of light hitting the surface.
  10. Add color to your design to make it look even more vibrant and three-dimensional. Use colors that complement each other and make the design pop.
3d butta design art
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