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Unique leaf style with flowers butta sketch design

Here are some steps to draw a unique leaf style with flowers butta sketch:

  1. Start by drawing the outline of a leaf shape. Make sure it has a pointed tip and a curved base.
  2. Draw a line down the center of the leaf to create a midrib. Add small veins branching off from the midrib to create texture.
  3. Draw a small circle or oval at the base of the leaf to represent the flower butta. The butta should be smaller than the leaf.
  4. Draw a stem connecting the butta to the leaf. The stem should be thin and curved.
  5. Draw the petals of the flower around the center. You can create a simple flower with just a few petals, or a more complex one with many layers.
  6. Add details to the petals, such as lines or dots, to give them texture and depth.
  7. Draw small leaves around the flower butta. These leaves should be smaller than the main leaf and can be arranged in a circular pattern.
  8. Add shading to your sketch to make it look three-dimensional. Shade the leaves and petals with light and dark tones to give the impression of depth.
  9. Add color to your sketch. Choose colors that complement each other and make the design pop.
  10. Repeat the steps to create additional leaf and flower butta designs, making each one unique with different colors and shapes.
Unique leaf style with flowers butta sketch design
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