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Geometric laherya jaal sketch design art

Here are some general steps to draw a geometric Laherya Jaal sketch:

  1. Gather reference materials: Find pictures of Laherya Jaal patterns to use as reference.
  2. Sketch the outline: Draw a rectangle or square shape to define the overall shape of the pattern. You can also draw a light grid to help you keep the pattern consistent.
  3. Add vertical lines: Draw vertical lines inside the rectangle or square, spaced evenly apart. These lines will be the basis of your pattern.
  4. Add diagonal lines: Draw diagonal lines across the rectangle or square, creating a zigzag pattern with the vertical lines.
  5. Create the Jaal pattern: Start adding the Laherya Jaal pattern to the vertical and diagonal lines. The pattern should be symmetrical and consist of repeating geometric shapes, such as diamonds or triangles.
  6. Add color (optional): If you want to add color to your sketch, use colored pencils or markers to fill in the shapes with different colors. Alternatively, you can create a black and white sketch with shading to add depth and texture.
  7. Final touches: Once you’re happy with the sketch, add some final touches to make it really pop. You can add highlights or shading to the pattern, for example, by using a white pencil or eraser to create areas of light.
Geometric laherya jaal sketch design art
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