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Fine Sober butta sketch design

A Banarasi Saree butta is a decorative motif that is commonly found on Banarasi sarees. The butta can vary in design, but is often a floral, paisley, or other intricate pattern that is woven into the fabric using gold or silver zari thread. The butta adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the saree and is a hallmark of the Banarasi style. The size, shape, and placement of the butta can vary, but they are typically placed at strategic points on the saree, such as the border or Pallu (the part of the saree that drapes over

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want to create new sketch idea or sketching for embroidery ,jacquard, ari work ,curtains design,textile design or any kind of new design you can take reference from our side
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take it as reference and use your imagination and draw something new beautiful thank you.

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Fine Sober butta sketch design
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