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Fine new banarasi sketch design

Here are the steps to draw a fine new Banarasi sketch design:

Step 1: Draw the outline of the Banarasi design

Start by drawing a rough outline of the Banarasi design. The design can be anything that you want, such as paisleys, flowers, leaves, or geometric shapes. Draw the outline using a pencil and light strokes, so you can easily make changes if necessary.

Step 2: Add details to the design

Once you have the outline, add details to the design. For example, if you are drawing paisleys, add small curves and swirls inside the outline to give it texture. If you are drawing flowers, add petals and leaves. If you are drawing geometric shapes, add patterns inside the shapes.

Step 3: Add shading and texture

Next, add shading and texture to the Banarasi design. Use a fine tip pen or a marker to add lines and dots to the design to create a textured effect. You can also shade certain areas to create depth and dimension. Use your creativity to make the design unique and beautiful.

Step 4: Add color

Finally, add color to the Banarasi design. Banarasi designs are known for their bright and vibrant colors, so choose colors that complement each other and add depth to the design. You can use colored pencils, markers, or paint to add color to the sketch. Make sure to blend the colors well to create a smooth and seamless effect.

Fine new banarasi sketch design
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