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Big Flower bunch butta sketch design

Sure, here are some general steps to draw a big flower bunch butta sketch:

  1. Gather reference materials: Find pictures of big flowers to use as reference.
  2. Sketch the outline: Draw a rough circle or oval shape to define the overall shape of the sketch.
  3. Sketch the flowers: Start by sketching the biggest flower in the center of the circle. You can draw petals and stamen, as well as the center of the flower. Then, add more flowers around the center one, making sure they vary in size and shape.
  4. Add leaves and stems: Next, sketch the leaves and stems of the flowers. You can also add some smaller buds or flowers, as well as some twigs or branches to fill in the empty spaces.
  5. Add details: Once you have created the basic pattern, add smaller details to give it depth and texture. You can add veins to the leaves, or small lines or dots to create a more intricate pattern.
  6. Shade the sketch (optional): If you want to add shading to your sketch, use a light touch to create subtle shading, building up the darker areas gradually.
  7. Final touches: Once you’re happy with the sketch, add some final touches to make it really pop. You can add highlights to the flowers or leaves, for example, by using a white pencil or eraser to create areas of light.
Big Flower bunch butta sketch design
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