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All over Flowers style jangla design pallu sketch

Creating a sketch of an all-over flower style Jangla design pallu can be done in the following steps:

  1. Start by sketching the basic outline of the saree pallu. Draw a rectangle-like shape for the pallu area.
  2. Next, draw the border of the pallu. For a Jangla design, the border should be wide and have intricate details. Sketch the design of the border using curved lines and floral motifs.
  3. Moving to the center of the pallu, draw the all-over flower design. Start by sketching the stems of the flowers using long curved lines.
  4. Next, draw the flowers themselves. For an all-over flower design, use small, dainty flowers that are evenly spaced out. You can use different types of flowers like roses, daisies, or lotuses.
  5. Add leaves to the flower stems, and small vines in between the flowers to fill up any gaps.
  6. Once you are happy with the overall design of the pallu, shade in the flowers and leaves using light and dark tones to create depth and dimension.
  7. Finally, add any additional details or accents to the design to make it more unique and personalized. You can add small dots or patterns in between the flowers to make it look more intricate.

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All over Flowers style jangla design pallu sketch
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